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Книга Blizzard Cosplay: Tips, Tricks and Hints Hardcover (Твёрдый переплёт) (Eng)

sdfs 1200грн.
На складе: да

Оригинальное название: Warcraft: Blizzard Cosplay

Автор:  Blizzard Entertainment

Жанр: Досуг и Хобби (Fiction / Fantasy / Epic)
Переплет: Твёрдый 

Язык: английский

Год выхода: 2019

Количество страниц: 240

Размер: 31 * 24 см




Blizzard Entertainment’s community includes some of the most creative people in the world. Many of them are talented artists who spend months or years making costumes of their favorite characters. Blizzard Cosplay: Tips, Tricks, and Hints is a celebration of their craftsmanship and the love they have for the worlds of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.