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Статуэтка Сильвана World of Warcraft Sylvanas Statue 45 см.

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Упаковка: картонный бокс

Материал: polyresin, polystone
Разработчик/Издатель: Blizzard 

Статуэтка Сильвана World of Warcraft Sylvanas Statue  45 см.
Высокая детализация. Ограниченный тираж. 
Размеры фигурки: 45 см.
Вес: 6+ кг.

“I've walked the realms of the dead. I have seen the infinite dark. Nothing you say. Or do. Could possibly frighten me." Sylvanas Windrunner has held many titles in her life and undeath: Ranger-General, Banshee Queen, and Warchief. Those that stand against her will surely not stand long. Celebrate this iconic Warcraft character with her official statue today!”

Measures 18"/45.72 cm tall.


Note: Each statue is hand painted, there may be a slight variance in the final production piece.