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Статуэтка Иллидан World of Warcraft - Illidan Statue 60 см.

sdfs 19800грн.
На складе: да


Упаковка: картонный бокс

Материал: polyresin, polystone
Разработчик/Издатель: Blizzard 

Статуэтка Иллидан World of Warcraft - Illidan Statue  60 см.
Высокая детализация. Ограниченный тираж. 
Размеры фигурки: 60 см.
Вес: 10+ кг.
Содержит 2 комплекта кистей рук: с оружием и без него.

Blizzard Collectibles: by Blizzard talent for Blizzard fans!

You are not prepared for the awesomeness of this Illidan Statue. Standing 24 inches tall and made of polyresin, this colorful sculpture will make the perfect addition to your collection. Sculpted by staff Senior Sculptor Brian Fay and featuring an original paintmaster by Senior Illustrator Laurel Austin. Comes with 2 sets of interchangable hands (with and without Illidan's iconic warglaives).

Limited Availability.

Note: Each statue is hand painted, there may be a slight variance in the final production piece.