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Книга Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1 Hardcover Edition (Твёрдый переплёт) (Eng)

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Оригинальное название: Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1


Автор:  Blizzard Entertainment


Жанр: Досуг и Хобби (Fiction / Fantasy / Epic)
Переплет: твердый Hardcover 


Язык: английский

Издатель: Dark Horse


Год выхода: 2017

Количество страниц: 144



Your favorite Overwatch® heroes' backstories are revealed in this anthology from Dark Horse Books and Blizzard Entertainment®! From Soldier: 76 to Ana, Tracer to Symmetra, discover the history behind Overwatch's heroes. How did Bastion become part of the team? Why did Ana Amari disappear? Where did Tracer get her catchphrase? Learn all this and more in this hardcover anthology of the first twelve issues of Blizzard's Overwatch comics, written and illustrated by an all-star creative team including Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Micky Neilson, Nesskain, Bengal, and more. Whether you're an Overwatch novice or a Grandmaster, this is an essential companion! • Reveals backstories and new details about Overwatch's heroes. • Essential companion to the international best-selling game Overwatch! • Overwatch has won 100+ Game of the Year awards! • Overwatch is a global phenomenon with 30 million players! • Includes short stories by World of Warcraft: Chronicle writers Robert Brooks and Matt Burns!