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Книга 3D карта Азерота The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book (Твёрдый переплёт) (Eng)

sdfs 1799грн.
На складе: да

Оригинальное название: World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book

Бренд:  Blizzard Entertainment

Жанр: Досуг и Хобби (Fiction / Fantasy / Epic)
Переплет: твердый Hardcover 

Размер: 30 * 25 * 6 см

Язык: английский

Вес: 2,5 кг

Год выхода: 2019

Количество страниц: 6

Автор: Matthew Reinhart



Choose your faction, pick your weapon, and prepare for an astonishing vision of the world of Azeroth like you’ve never seen before!

Built by best-selling paper engineer Matthew Reinhardt, the World of Warcraft Pop- Up Book brings the most well-loved locations of Warcraft to life, from the classic faction hubs of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, to the battle-scarred lands of Lordaeron and Teldrassil, and even the new capital cities of Kul Tiras and Zandalar! Each page unfolds into an eye-popping treat, depicting iconic locations with brand-new art in interactive ways that you’ve never seen before. Unfold each individual spread to form a map of Azeroth!