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Фигурка Heroes of the Storm - Stitches Deluxe Figure

sdfs 1400грн.
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  • Упаковка: слюдян. бокс
    Материал:  vinyl 
    Разработчик/Издатель: BLIZZARD/Neca
    Рзамер: 17 см

    Фигурка Heroes of the Storm Storm Stitches Deluxe Figure

    Новая серия фирменной европейской фан-продукции для поклонников Heroes of the Storm.  


  • NECA is proud to present the first deluxe boxed action figure from Heroes of the Storm™. Created in collaboration with Blizzard, Stitches (World of Warcraft™) features a game-authentic sculpt and 25+ points of articulation. The Terror of Darkshire is a lumbering brute — 6.5” tall and even wider — and includes a cleaver accessory. This gruesome figure comes in window box packaging.